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Johnny Manziel’s Ohio house is for sale, and here’s how much it costs

Seeing him studying a playbook and sauntering around this neighborhood with a cardigan, playing golf with his older neighbor Dan (retired but really handy around the house and a heck of a nice guy) on the weekends is just impossible to picture.

‘Re-energized’ Tony Romo isn’t limited at Cowboys workouts

As evidenced by the events of last season, the Cowboys’ playoff hopes ride entirely on the collarbone of quarterback Tony Romo. Without Romo under center, the Cowboys went 1-11. In four of Romo’s starts, the Cowboys won three games.

So, consider it good news that surgery on Romo’s collarbone apparently went smoothly. According to Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson, Romo is a full-go at the team’s offseason workouts, even though Romo was operated on two months ago.

“He’s looking good,” Wilson said, per the Dallas Morning News. “We had two practices where we’ve been out here on the field with the guys and he’s done everything. He’s throwing, he’s got good velocity on all of his throws, great movement in his legs. He looks like he’s re-energized because he hadn’t played, you know, missed the majority of the season. So he’s real energized and anxious to get going.”

Romo actually broke his collarbone twice last season, leading him to undergo surgery on his left clavicle in early March. When the Cowboys announced the operation, they tagged him with a rehab of six-to-eight weeks. So, his return to the field during offseason workouts fits within the original timetable.

Romo, though, is “in charge of his own program.”

“If he ever gets soreness or anything like that, he’s going to be in charge of his own program,” Wilson said. “If he feels soreness or needs to take a day off because of his back or whatever, he’s monitoring that.”

Slowly, the Cowboys are getting healthy. Star receiver Dez Bryant, who underwent foot surgery this offseason, isn’t cleared for football activities at the moment, but he’s yet to experience any setbacks in his recovery. Assuming both Bryant and Romo are fully operational by the time September rolls around, the Cowboys should be primed to rebound from a disastrous 4-12 season.

The Bengals signed Jon Brown on Monday. That name will mean nothing to you, unless you’re an avid follower of amateur soccer, or are intimately familiar with the backup kicker on the University of Louisville roster the last two seasons.

Either way, Brown caught the attention of the Bengals at Louisville’s pro day earlier this year, they invited him to Cincy for a workout, and by Monday, he was under contract. Funny story: Brown’s stat line in college: 3 games, 9 kickoffs, 5 touchbacks.

And that’s it, which means Brown has never attempted a field goal or extra point during a game. But the Bengals saw beyond conventional measures and were impressed with Brown’s potential.

“He showed he’s an explosive kid being a soccer player,” director of player personnel Duke Tobin told the team website. “Whether he’s a kicker or not is to be determined. But he’s a strong-legged kid who we’ll look at during the offseason to see if he can develop some kind of consistency. If you think you see a trait that is above average, strong, rare, whatever, that’s what you’re looking for when you’re looking for guys to try out.”

“I think we have a head coach who understands talent at that position but equally as important how to coach them. You’re all at practice, and he’s coaching the quarterbacks hard every day, and I think that’ll make a difference over a period of time.”

There’s also no rush to get Kessler on the field. The expectation is that Robert Griffin III, who signed a two-year deal this spring, will start the season under center, and Josh McCown will back him up.

Of course, on a team with myriad needs — including a gaping hole at franchise quarterback — some fans and media wondered why the Browns would trade out of the No. 2 pick, where they could have had Carson Wentz (who was taken by the Eagles). Jackson wasted little time trying to assuage those concerns.