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Josh Gordon: ‘In the past, I’ve been a selfish player’

“You definitely get that sense of need to do something important with your life and with my career. Considering my age, how much time I’ve been out and how much time I got left nobody knows,” Gordon said. “I’m starting to capitalize on that. Not only for myself but for the well being of my family and be there for this team that held me together and allowed me to comeback.”

Gordon is saying all the right things. Yet the old saying goes: actions speak louder than words. For Gordon’s sake, he understands that.

“There’s not too much I can tell people,” Gordon admitted. “To my fans I just want to show them.”

Gordon’s ability to stay clean is the only thing that separates him from regaining his status as one of the premier wide receivers in the league. Hopefully, Gordon now knows after sitting out more than a year that marijuana isn’t worth his livelihood as an NFL player. Maybe he can put that all in the past, regain his credibility as a football player and serve as a positive influence to others.

With the Ryan Fitzpatrick saga over in New York, Jets coach Todd Bowles stated the obvious in regards to the team’s starting quarterback position.

“It’s his job,” Bowles said.

It was one of the least-surprising pronouncements of the summer, but nonetheless notable after the Jets spent the offseason propping up Geno Smith’s qualities as a starting option.

Fitzpatrick put up one of the best seasons in franchise history in 2015 throwing 31 touchdown passes. That production after he filled in following the infamous Smith punch debacle led to a summer of back-and-forth over Fitzpatrick’s worth.

The sides finally found middle ground Wednesday night, the eve of training camp, agreeing to a $12 million deal.

Fitzpatrick said he was comfortable with a one-year deal, despite the lack of security.