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SO WHAT does that have to do with Matt Ryan?

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Limited Cody Franson Jersey
After all, Young believed like an article of faith that a quarterback was only as great as his willingness to be weighed down. To account for the chaos of 21 bodies flying around on each play and unfailingly rise above, to be superhuman and immortal and, not for nothing, make it look easy. But Walsh was telling Young that he was wrong.

Limited Darryl Sittler Jersey Williams played alongside longtime NBA point guard Sebastian Telfair with the Tianjin Gold Lions in 2013-14 and helped them reach the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

CBA teams are allowed to employ only two American players at a time, and league rules also place restrictions on playing time for international players. Williams said this meant the Lions would typically play Telfair in the first quarter, him in the second quarter and both of them in the third and fourth quarters.

Although the level of play in China is on the rise, Williams said the CBA will remain a notch below European basketball as long as those regulations remain in place.

“You can’t have that if you’re trying to be a top-tier league,” Williams said. “As far as Euroleague, you might have four or five guys who aren’t native to that country playing for a team, and they can play as much as they want.”

Josh Akognon: ‘How LeBron and Kobe feel’

There are few, if any, American athletes more qualified to speak about playing in China than Akognon.

The Cal State Fullerton alum, who played briefly in the NBA with the Dallas Mavericks, has played for five CBA franchises in six seasons while averaging 29.6 points per game.