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The Cowboys expected Dak Prescott to be the third-string quarterback this season

“It’s fun to go to meetings,” Bryant said. “Think about that. Meetings are never fun. They’re not supposed to be fun. But with this group we have here, it’s all fun. The feeling in here right now, I can’t describe it. It’s like nothing we’ve ever had here.”

What’s clear is that this is not a Jalen Collins Authentic Womens Jersey locker room divided. Romo is still present. He’s a helper for Prescott and is still maintaining the same relationships in the room and in the front office that he has had for years. The strong belief is that, if something happened to force Romo back into action, he would play well behind this monster offensive line, and the team chemistry would be unaffected as long as losing didn’t set in.

In the halls of the Cowboys’ gleaming new training facility in Frisco, Texas, no one will talk about the quarterback. They’re under orders. The best you can do is off-the-record, walkaway stuff from people who are afraid to be seen talking to you. Even those are on-message.

“What good does it do us to talk about this right now?” one decision-maker asked. “We don’t know what’s going to happen. This is the NFL. [Prescott] could have an injury and then Mark Sanchez is playing in the second half Sunday. We’re just going to keep it even and see where it goes.”
And later: “Boy, I don’t even want to go there, really, because it’s a great place to be, to have someone of Tony Romo’s stature that could be playing for several years, and then have Dak Prescott as well for the future. It just feels good.”

He is nonplussed. Asked by a gaggle Jonathan Babineaux Authentic Womens Jersey of reporters what it feels like, Prescott says, “It’s always exciting,” and points out that he has been on the cover before.

That’s when you realize none of this is too big for him. Prescott played high-level college football, has done more than his fair share of interviews and is well versed in football narrative. He’s aware, at this point, that the talk outside the building is about a looming quarterback controversy between him and Romo, who is inching closer to a return. Prescott doesn’t care.

“My job is to win, so I’m going to continue to try and do that,” he says. “If you guys want to make it bigger than that, go ahead.”

At this time, the Cowboys’ locker room is a fun place. Backup quarterback Mark Sanchez takes his turn playing “laundry basketball” with teammates, competing to shoot balls into laundry hampers a few yards away from each other in the part of the locker room where Prescott and Elliott are fielding questions. Elliott talks of what it’s like to room with Prescott on the road. Prescott brags about a collection of peacock bow ties.

In a far corner, star receiver Dez Bryant, still working his way back from an injury that has cost the team nothing in the standings, is smiling and talking about team chemistry.