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NFLPA video hints at labor strife: ‘Save now. Fight later.’

Here’s an interesting video the NFL Players Association posted heading into the weekend before camps open for some teams.

The message: “Save now. Fight later.”

Left open to interpretation is what exactly the union means, which could be as simple as the bottom line of financial literacy.

“Don’t spend all your money,” NFLPA executive committee member Zak Deossie says in the video. “Put your f—g money away.”

There is a larger context, though, of NFL players seeing NBA-sized paychecks and perhaps awakening to the fact that to get a larger slice of the NFL’s multibillion-dollar pie might take a union stand against ownership in the next collective bargaining negotiations after the 2020 season.

“We have such a long CBA that I knew my role was probably going to be to get these guys ready for the next fight,” NFLPA president Eric Winston says in the video.

But the fundamental problem, writes attorney Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, continues to be this:

“As far as the stuff that was preached [by the Cowboys], I was left out to dry,” Whitehead said. “You see the mantras that are all around The Star. I mean, by 12:45 I figured out that this is even going on. By 2:30 I was released. What’s the real reason? Let me clear my name. I didn’t have time to do that.

“I was pretty much called a liar.”

Meanwhile, second-year running back Ezekiel Elliott remains on the team despite an ongoing domestic violence investigation by the NFL, an altercation in which he allegedly punched a DJ at a Dallas bar, and a 100 mph speeding ticket.

Whitehead, 25, had a combined nine catches for 64 yards in his first two seasons in Dallas. He made headlines earlier this month after his dog was stolen and held for ransom by a rapper, though Whitehead said he got the dog back after paying an undisclosed amount.