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We drafted an expansion Virginia Beach NBA team. Here’s who we picked and why

Adam Eaton Game Jersey In late July, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced he is considering the idea of an expansion. Adding more franchises to the 30-team league is just a question of when the right time is to seriously start thinking about [it], he said.

Elite Keenan Robinson Jersey As we were talking about what an expansion draft would look like in 2017, we decided to do our own. We called upon the beautiful SB Nation network of team blogs and experts to protect their players from each team and let us know who was available for drafting.

Per the NBA’s rules of an Expansion Draft, each team was allowed to protect eight players. The rest would be available for a new team to take for a new franchise.

Whitney and I paired as one team in the East and we pit ourselves against SB Nation’s Seattle SuperSonics blog, Sonics Rising. Seattle has been the likely destination for an expansion team ever since the SuperSonics relocated and became the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008.

Across SB Nation we are celebrating the prospect of an NBA expansion draft that may be in our future. Our team blogs are declaring which players they’d protect, and two writers are drafting the leftovers on behalf of theoretical expansion teams on the horizon. It’s a fun project.

So was the last real NBA expansion draft, held in 2004. It was a delightfully wacky exercise in team-building that birthed the ignominious Charlotte Bobcats.

How did the Bobcats do that summer, between the June 22 expansion draft and the June 24 amateur draft? They have had three winning seasons in the 13 since those fateful days, and it took six years to make the playoffs. That pretty much says it all.