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Sports betting may force NFL to use full-time officials, enhanced replay

The NFL knows that it will never get every call right. With sports betting now available for any state that wants to adopt it, the NFL soon will have to try harder.

That may not be enough. To the extent that mistakes can be rectified via expanded replay review, the league will have to be willing to consider doing it. And the league also should seriously consider something I’ve suggested for several years now — the use of a video official who is part of the crew, who monitors the action away from the field via the various camera angles, and who communicates directly to the referee when the video reveals that a mistake is about to be made by the on-field crew, ensuring that the pre-replay call is as accurate as possible.

The league may argue that these enhancements justify the so-called “integrity fee” that all sports leagues hope to shake from the states that adopt sports wagering. The response should be that this isn’t about “integrity,” it’s about competence.

But Anthony Lynn already has a very lucrative job — he’s the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite his professional success, the 49-year-old Lynn always regretted leaving college a few hours shy of his degree in 1992 to pursue an NFL career.

Lynn set out to change that, enrolling in online courses in 2014 with the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Saturday, he’ll finish the journey he started 30 years ago, as he graduates from UNLV with a degree in interdisciplinary studies.

Lynn’s family and Chargers owner Dean Spanos will be on hand for the ceremony in Las Vegas. Lynn told the Los Angeles Times he had not wanted to march in the graduation, but realized his story could be an example for others.

“I just wanted my papers. Mail me my damn diploma, I’ll give it to my mom, and I’m done,” Lynn said. “When I told my counselor, when I told her what my plans were — she had just assumed that I was walking the whole time. I never assumed I was walking.ravens_134