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Tom Brady on suspension appeal: A ‘personal’ decision

“I’ll deal with that when it comes,” Brady said. “… We’ve got a good, competitive team. I’m just rooting for us to win every game that we’re playing that I’m not in, and certainly when I’m in, I hope we win every game, too.”

Meanwhile, Brady’s replacement for Weeks 1-4 didn’t have the best day on the field.

Scrimmage ends with Garoppolo’s pass getting tipped, intercepted at the line by Jamie Collins. Lot of film study headed for Jimmy G tonight.

Courtney Fallon (@CourtneyFallon_) August 5, 2016
Brady went a perfect 25 of 25 during the Patriots’ scrimmage, as his Blue squad dominated Jimmy Garoppolo’s White squad. As camp continues, the Patriots will continue to hope Brady’s experience, excellence and leadership rubs off on Garoppolo. But as countless NFL quarterbacks of days past will agree, it’s never quite that simple.

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — It was a bold move by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Or maybe we should call it a bald move.

At the start of Tuesday’s practice, the New York Jets’ quarterback approached a group of defensive players and made a proposition that resulted in The Haircut Heard ‘Round the NFL. Fitzpatrick came clean on Thursday, telling WFAN radio the story behind his headline-making buzz cut.

“My hair was just stupid,” Fitzpatrick said of his overgrown locks, which had become a social media phenomenon. “I needed to cut it. I was going to cut it anyway. It was a nice little spoof. I told the defense, I went up to Rontez Miles and a few of the guys and said, ‘The next person that picks me off gets to give me a fresh summer ‘do.'”

Fitzpatrick struggled on Tuesday, and sure enough, he was intercepted by rookie Juston Burris, a fourth-round pick from North Carolina State. Making good on his promise, Fitzpatrick allowed Burris to shave his head in front of the entire team.

Tennessee Titans

1 to 10 percent: Yes, DeMarco Murray could revitalize his career in Tennessee with Mike Mularkey’s exotic smashmouth approach, but injuries kept him from realizing his promise until that dominant 2014 campaign. That guy could come back, but it’s unlikely.

Andre Johnson was a disappointment during his lone season in Indianapolis and might struggle to make an impact down the depth chart in Tennessee, but what he did with Matt Schaub as his primary quarterback all those years in Houston should be enough to make the Hall. Johnson made seven Pro Bowls and was a first-team All-Pro twice, which is usually enough for skill-position players to eventually work their way into Canton. It helps that he’ll finish his career in the top 10 in receptions and receiving yards, although he’ll likely fall out of those rankings by the time he’s eligible for selection.