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Wide receiver is something of a question mark

Talking with Attles now, you’d never get the impression that he ever could have been known as a tough guy. He dotes on his grandson, Isaiah, himself a high school basketball player in Arizona. He is 80 years old and still working for the Warriors in community outreach. But don’t try to tell Brown that Attles has gotten soft. They didn’t call him The Destroyer because he was a pleasant man, okay? Brown said with a laugh.
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As good — and tough — as Attles was as a player, he brought the same approach to coaching, where he made an even bigger mark on the Warriors, managing stars like Rick Barry and Nate Thurmond.

Julius Peppers Authentic Jersey He didn’t talk a lot, former Warriors guard Jim Barnett, now the team’s television analyst, said. He expected you to go out and play. It’s interesting, when Allen Iverson talked about practice, in those days, Nate was playing 45 minutes a night and he would practice, but he did what he wanted to do. That was the way it was for Al. He didn’t get mad very often, but when he did, he raised his voice and it scared the heck out of you. I mean, it would send chills, if we came in at halftime and somebody wasn’t getting back or whatever. All he had to do was raise his voice, and that room was quiet.

Wide receiver is something of a question mark, though. Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen emerged as capable starters, but 2016 first-round pick Laquon Treadwell flopped as a rookie, catching just one pass all season. Perhaps Treadwell will be more productive in 2017 (a broken leg from college may explain last year’s struggles), but he’ll need to show tangible progress to earn a steady role in the offense. To his credit, he appears to be making a serious effort at improving in his second offseason.

Guys were saying last year that your first year is you swimming and trying to figure it all out, Treadwell said. Then your second year it slows down, and each year after that, it slows down even more.

The Patriots’ two previous trips to the Super Bowl

A fourth-quarter interception by Falcons safety Ricardo Allen on a fluttering Wilson pass was the final nail in the proverbial coffin. The turnover led to a 3-yard touchdown pass from Ryan to Mohamed Sanu to give Atlanta a 36-13 lead with under four minutes remaining.

Wilson finished 17 of 30 for 225 yards and two touchdowns and a pair of fourth-quarter interceptions.

The Falcons advance to next weekend’s NFC championship game and will hope for the Packers (11-6) to beat the Cowboys on Sunday. A Green Bay win means the Falcons would host the NFC title tilt. The Cowboys (13-3) own homefield advantage throughout the NFC playoffs and would host the Falcons if they beat the Packers at AT&T Stadium.

Yet there are reasons for optimism. The Patriots’ two previous trips to the Super Bowl, 2012 against the Giants and 2015 against the Seahawks, were the two highest-rated editions since 1986 (another Patriots game, though well before the Brady and Belichick era). It has been nearly that long since Super Bowl ratings fell in consecutive years (1987 and 1988). And for all the talk of the NFL’s slump, the Super Bowl is a different animal from any other game a cultural event more immune to viewer apathy.

So which way to go Considering how divisive New England has been over the past decade, it’s tempting to predict a modest increase, yet there may be no more appropriate way to close out this NFL season than with a multiyear low for the league’s biggest game. Broncos-Panthers last year had a 46.6, and no Super Bowl has dipped below a 46.0 rating in seven years. Prediction: 45.7.sharks_084

NBA playoffs 2017: LeBron James badly misses potential go-ahead dunk

The Cavaliers trailed the Celtics by a point late in the third quarter and their star forward had a fast-break opportunity to give his team the lead.

Roda’s question Tuesday night was about Cleveland’s first-half turnovers, but he couldn’t finish the question before Lue interjected.

According to the Cleveland coach, the fact that the team survived a series sweep doesn’t mean anything.

We do have something to lose, a championship, Lue told reporters Monday during pregame media availability. I never understood that thing anyway, with talking about we have nothing to lose. We do. We’re competing to win a championship, and we have everything to lose.

The comments come a day after Richard Jefferson said the pressure is all on the Warriors, considering they are trying to prove the Cavs’ huge comeback from last year’s Finals were not a fluke. But if Cleveland wants to remain in the series, it will have to rattle off three wins in a row to overcome a 3-0 deficit, a never-before-accomplished feat.

Limited Youth Geoff Swaim Jersey We just have to play well, Lue said. I think try to duplicate what we did last game of being physical, getting back in transition, holding this team to only 14 points in transition, which is going to be tough.

Limited Youth Bobby Cox Jersey James only has eight points so far, but Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have combined for 30 points on 10-of-16 shooting, carrying the Cavs to a 54-42 lead with 8:38 left in the first half.

NBA playoffs 2017: LeBron James passes Michael Jordan for most postseason points

LeBron James has passed Michael Jordan for most all-time postseason points scored.

Authentic Mens Ryan Callahan Jersey King James only needed 28 points entering Game 5 to surpass His Royal Airness’ 5,987 points — he hit 5,989 that mark in the third quarter with this beauty:

James now has 29 points on the night — and counting. It took James 212 games to surpass Jordan, who managed to do hit his mark in 179 games. James has hit the majority of his points with Cleveland, for whom he has played in 125 games.

James finished the game with 35 points, giving him 5,995 total for his postseason his career.

Authentic Mens Jake Elliott Jersey In a lot of ways, this is a certainty versus potential-for-more deal. Ainge is betting on the Lakers (and possibly the Kings) staying bad. Now he has to hope it doesn’t backfire and leave him wishing he had the bird in his hand that was Fultz.

That protection might not even matter for the Celtics, though. Rumors abounded on Saturday night that the Celtics will move this pick along to another team in another trade. Could it be for a star? Could it be for another pick in the 2017 NBA Draft? After all, the team had Dennis Smith Jr. and Lauri Markkanen in for workouts on Saturday, a pair of players more commensurate with picks in the 7 to 10 range of this year’s draft.

Ultimately, the still-moving parts of this trade for the Celtics essentially make it impossible to evaluate at this specific time. Does a move like this make them more likely to acquire Jimmy Butler or George? Does it make them a player for a star people aren’t thinking about right now? Do they just end up keeping the picks and adding it to their cavalcade of first-rounders, which now total a potential of seven in the next three drafts?

Texans’ Bill O’Brien dialed wrong number at quarterback once again

Bill OBrien fell on his sword Saturday night, as NFL coaches are expected to. He wasnt going to throw his quarterback under the bus, even though his quarterback looked as bad in the Texansplayoff loss at New England as he did on opening day, and in their previous game against the Patriots, and in game after game all year long.

It was on him, O’Brien repeated after the 38-16 AFC divisional playoff elimination. I know I need to do a better job. It needs to start with me,he said, a theme he kept pushing, even though Brock Osweiler looked on the surface to be the bigger, more immediate problem.

But OBrien was right because a year ago, the Texans exited for the same reason after falling apart at the wrong time just with a different quarterback, Brian Hoyer. Four interceptions and a fumble by himself, and a 30-0 bludgeoning by the Chiefs.

They can’t let their line shortcomings keep holding them back.

This goes beyond the Seahawks running into a stretch of key players, including Wilson, who were in line for big contracts in a short span of time. This goes to neglect, at least, and arrogance at worst.

This has not snuck up on the Seahawks either. Before last year, the price they paid for Graham was center Max Unger; the line hasn’t been the same since. Then the tackle they felt sure they could get along without, Russell Okung, left as a free agent, and they havent come close to replacing him.

The Seahawks got away with it in the wild-card round each of the last two seasons, against the Vikings and Lions, respectively, only to get exposed the next week by the Panthers and then, on Saturday, the Falcons.

As long as theyre so cavalier about keeping Wilson upright, and expecting his legs to make up for their personnel mistakes, this Seahawks team that went to back-to-back Super Bowls a few years ago shouldnt plan for any others soon.

Michael Vick says it was ‘hurtful’ to see Falcons draft Matt Ryan

Michael Vick was in prison when the Falcons made a franchise-altering move: selecting Matt Ryan with the third overall pick in the 2008 draft.

That meant the team had decided to move forward without Vick, the once-electrifying quarterback who received a nine-year, $130 million contract extension just a few years earlier. Of course, the team was forced into that decision after Vick went to prison for running an illegal dog-fighting ring.

But the reality of not being the franchise player in Atlanta hadn’t really set in for Vick until that moment. He spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Jonathan Jones, and opened up about his feelings during that time, saying it was hurtful to see.

Limited Jordan Berry Jersey Instead of the successful 2-yard pass to tight end Demetrius Harris, the Chiefs were backed up 10 yards for another try.
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Alex Smith’s pass to Jeremy Maclin was incomplete and the Steelers maintained their two-point advantage, which turned out to be the final margin.

To get our jugulars ripped out because the ref felt bad for James Harrison falling on the ground. It’s ignorance, Kelce said. (Cheffers) shouldn’t even be able to wear a zebra jersey. He shouldn’t even be able to work at fa鈧€漣ng Foot Locker.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid also said he disagreed with the call but added it really doesn’t matter now that we’re sitting here.

Cheffers, who was promoted to referee in 2008, has 10 postseason assignments to his credit, including two conference championship games.

Joining him on the Super Bowl crew, per ESPN, is Dan Ferrell (umpire), Kent Payne (head linesman), Jeff Seeman (line judge), Doug Rosenbaum (field judge), Dyrol Prioleau (side judge), Todd Prukop (back judge) and Tom Sifferman (replay official).

Donald Trump gives U.K. ambassador role to Jets owner Woody Johnson

Woody Johnson will become the next ambassador to Britain, according to multiple reports.

The New York Jets ownerhas known president-elect Donald Trump for years and is a well-knownRepublican fundraiser.

Although Johnson initially supported Jeb Bush in the election, he supported Trump once he earned the Republican nomination.
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Carl Nassib Game Jersey According to NBC News, Trump hinted at [Johnson’s] appointment at a luncheon in Washington when he introduced a guest as ‘sitting next to the ambassador Woody Johnson.’

The president-elect then added, Congratulations, Woody.

Johnson was rumored to be the leading candidate for this position back in December, according tothe New York Post.

This is Anthony Lynna’s head coaching debut as the interim following Rex Ryana’s firing. EJ Manuel will be auditioning for his next job most likely. For the Jets, one last window for second-round pick Christian Hackenberg to make an in-game impression. Both rosters will probably be unrecognizable next year. Bills, 33-17

Say your goodbyes to Steve Smith, and dona’t be surprised if he challenges the entire Bengals traveling party before the days over, just because. Reports about Marvin Lewisa’s future were all over the place early in the week. Retirement seems very unlikely at his age (58) and with the six playoff trips in the seven years before this one. Unless the Bengals have a candidate in mind to replace him that will push them over the top, talk of his departure is premature. Bengals, 24-19

Oregon State ace Luke Heimlich excuses himself from team amid sex crime revelations

Authentic Mens Wade Boggs Jersey Luke Heimlich, the star pitcher on the Oregon State’s top-ranked baseball team, has excused himself from the Beavers for the NCAA baseball tournament.

Piersall was at times light-hearted about his illness, joking with broadcast partner Harry Caray.

When Harry Caray called Jimmy Piersall crazy in the broadcast booth, Piersall responded I have the papers to prove it. That was Jimmy.

Fear Strikes Out was made into a movie starring Anthony Perkins and Karl Malden, but Piersall later claimed the film was fictional and that it did not portray his father fairly.

He was fired from his White Sox radio gig in 1983 for being too critical of the team’s players and manager Tony La Russa on air, according to the Sun-Times.
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In addition to playing baseball and announcing games, Piersall also coached at the minor league level, appeared in an episode of The Lucy Show and had stints as the GM of a minor league football team and as a hotel manager.

Per the Hartford Courant, Piersall is survived by his wife, Jan, and his nine children, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Minnesota Twins, you are in the American League and you have a DH. I just think why not draft him, make him a pitcher and if it doesn’t work, you have this unique talent. I walked away incredibly impressed with Brendan McKay. And not only that, but the acknowledgment of how important he has been to their baseball program. He is what Tim Tebow was to the Florida Gators in football. That is what Brendan McKay has been to the Louisville Cardinals baseball program. They acknowledge it, his teammates know it, his head coach knows it, the athletic director knows it. He’s a special, special college athlete.

The names of the other ex-players who have donated their brains will be released throughout February.

Recent research revealed that the number of concussions does not cause or explain the severity of CTE. The accumulation of repeated hits the kind that linebackers routinely deliver in daily practices and walk away from without symptoms that would warrant a concussion evaluation damages the brain more than several memorable collisions.

The names of the other ex-players who have donated their brains will be released throughout February.

“I can’t imagine why anybody that played the game and that cares about the guys and the kids that are starting to play the game now, wouldn’t donate,” Cross said in the new release announcing his donation. “I would urge everybody that’s ever played the game to do it.”

Also among the 30 who pledged: Mel Farr Jr., who not only played running back at UCLA and a season with the Los Angeles Rams but also is the son of former Lions Pro Bowl running back Mel Farr Sr., whose family disclosed earlier this week on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” that he had Stage 3 CTE when he died in 2015.

Almost 1,500 former athletes and military veterans have pledged to donate their brains since 2008, including 647 since the CLF launched “My Legacy” last year.

Bell was a second-round pick of the Steelers in 2013 and has rushed for 4,045 yards and 26 touchdowns despite missing 14 games because of injuries and suspensions.

“He is a guy that has got some talent, but equally or more important than that he has a desire to be great and a work ethic to boot,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said in a statement Monday. “He is a much better conditioned athlete today that he was in 2014. I mean it when I say all areas.”avalanche-017_62b3d640d945e3f6-180x180

Vincent Jackson is likely to be cut this offseason

A reliable and complete safety prospect who should test very well at the Combine, Evans could finally give the Texans some stability at safety. Don’t rule out a quarterback like Deshaun Watson here.

Seattle needs offensive lineman, but the only one who will likely be available here is Troy’s Antonio Garcia, and even he’s a fringe first-rounder. Instead, look for Seattle to add to its secondary, keep a strength a strength and add offensive linemen in free agency.

Vincent Jackson is likely to be cut this offseason, and the Bucs have no other good receivers to replace him. They invested in offensive line and defense over the last two drafts. Now it’s time to give Jameis Winston more weapons.

Denver has its quarterback of the future in Paxton Lynch, but he will desperately need help up front. Lamp is this year’s Zach Martin: an outstanding college left tackle who kicks inside and rises as this year’s top interior offensive lineman.

Game Mens Andrew Sendejo Jersey Cornerback and receiver are the two most likely early-round considerations for the Eagles in this draft. After already investing a first-rounder in Nelson Agholor and a second in Jordan Matthews, it’s far more likely they aim for a cornerback in Round 1.

Receiver and edge rusher are the Ravens’ two most important needs in this offseason. It’s a somewhat deep class at receiver, and the team has already invested a first-rounder (Breshad Perriman) at the position. Charlton can offer 4-3 or 3-4 edge rushing upside.
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