The Lakers’ forays into their past haven’t been successful lately

Dwight Freeney Limited Jersey With Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson now back in the fold as an adviser to co-owner and president Jeanie Buss, it’s natural to wonder if and how he might try to incorporate his “Showtime” sensibilities into the franchise.

The Lakers’ forays into their past haven’t been successful lately, but if the team can absorb some of the pass-happy, up-tempo style of their 1980s predecessors, head coach Luke Walton will be thrilled.
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“You know, there’s similarities,” Walton said at practice on Monday. “Obviously, the way the Showtime Lakers played and the up-and-down tempo, that’s how we want to play. We want to get out. We have versatile forwards that can handle the ball. We have multiple wings that can bring it up.

The Knicks showcased their most impressive defensive stand of the season in a 94-90 win against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday. Their increased defensive effort was attributed to an intense film session on Saturday where players voiced their opinions with the coaches’ defensive game plan.

“We really had a say so,” said Lance Thomas, who played in his first game since suffering an an orbital fracture against Toronto. “Then the coaches gave their input. And then we figured it out. … Most of the time we don’t really have the say so. We listen to our coaches.”

During the session, the players preached trust on defense, making the second and third rotations to help their teammates. The Knicks also made an adjustment to move their big men up from the paint in an effort to force downhill attacking guards into making quicker decisions.

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