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Mike Williams, Chargers’ 1st-round pick, may miss 2017 season due to herniated disk

In an effort to give Philip Rivers all the tools he needs to succeed as his career winds to a close, the Los Angeles Chargers selected game-changing wide receiver Mike Williams with the No. 7 overall pick of the 2017 NFL draft. Unfortunately for all parties involved, the rookie may not get a chance to see the field this fall.

A week before his eventual release, Whitehead claimed his dog, Blitz, had been kidnapped and was being held for $20,000 ransom. The dog was later returned by rapper Boogotti Kasino who said he purchased the dog and just wanted his money back.

But the incident that resulted in Whitehead’s release was an arrest warrant issued on Monday. Earlier in July, Whitehead was accused of shoplifting in Virginia, even though his agent claimed there was proof the return specialist wasn’t even in the state.

“I just wanted some time to clear my name,” Whitehead told Wright. “I think I deserve that a little bit … It was just unfortunate how it all happened. I wish I got a chance to clear my name up.”

Police validated that claim Tuesday by dropping all charges and explaining that the man arrested had no identification, but provided Whitehead’s birth date and social security number. But that was one day after an arrest warrant was issued because Whitehead missed a court date and was subsequently released by the Cowboys.

At the end of it all, Whitehead was back where he started with a dog back in his possession and no legal troubles. But he was without a team before the Jets ended that.