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Mike Clay’s ultimate draft board

That’s going to be a tough (impossible?) act to follow, but I’ll do my best. The below round-by-round analysis will give you an idea of what’s going through my head on draft day. I have my rankings. I have my projections. I’ve set up tiers. And I certainly have a few of my favorite targets circled and in the queue.

Round 1 target: Antonio Brown

I know. I know. Who doesn’t want the best player in fantasy? The reason I list Brown here is because there’s a healthy debate out there as to the best position to draft from. My preference is as early as possible. If I can get my hands on Brown, I know I have one spot in my lineup filled with a player who owns both an elite floor and elite ceiling. Incredibly, Brown has finished just under half of his games as a top-10 fantasy wideout over the past two seasons.

I’d also be content with Julio Jones or Odell Beckham Jr. early in the first round, but I’m not overly fond of a late first-round pick, simply because there is a massive tier of players of similar value. Picking early allows you to grab an elite player and then pick up two of the remaining available standouts at the second/third-round turn.

RICHMOND, Va. — The sight of a 300-pound defensive lineman fielding punts is not a pleasing one. Unless, for his teammates, it means the end of training camp. That’s the spot the Washington Redskins were in Monday morning on the final day of workouts here.

And after Chris Baker failed to catch a punt, it was up to Ricky Jean Francois to save the day — and end the practice. Jean Francois had to roam far to his right, but he grabbed the ball and was immediately pounced on by teammates. Even offensive coordinator Sean McVay jumped on him.

“There’s a reason 300-pound guys are not meant to be back there doing this,” Jean Francois said, “but to get my team to go home a little early, I’m down for it. Just in case [head coach] Jay Gruden ever needs an emergency punt returner, in case the fifth or sixth string [can’t go], I’m the guy. I might fair catch it. If I try to run, I might get 5 to 10 yards. I’m not going to give you more than that.”

The punts were shot from a JUGS machine approximately 40 yards away.