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The Giants will stay at home to host the Dallas Cowboys in a pivotal NFC East matchup on Nov. 24

Mara is a member of the league’s Competition Committee and has been a part of the push to change the rules to make the game safer for players. That has led to frustration from defensive players, complaints from some that the league is going too far and criticism of officials.

Mara said the league is “heading in the right direction.”

“You can’t have it both ways,” Mara said. “We’re trying to make the game safer, we’re trying to decrease the hits to the head and neck area and unfortunately that’s occasionally going to lead to calls that people are going to complain about.”

The Giants will stay at home to host the Dallas Cowboys in a pivotal NFC East matchup on Nov. 24. The Packers will be hosting the Minnesota Vikings in what could be Rodgers’ return.

SB Nation’s panel experts like the Giants to win by a tally of four prognosticators to two, but the game could be close. Tolzien was much better than expected last week, and the Giants haven’t looked THAT impressive the last three weeks, especially considering the competition they have faced. How the Giants offense fares against a reeling Packers defense will be the key. Eli Manning and Co. should be just good enough.

After a No. 53 S&P+ ranking in 2017, WMU headed into last fall with high expectations due to the combination of high-caliber recruiting and most of a potent offense returning. Still, it took both S&P+ and Vegas a little while to figure out just how impressive the Broncos were. You could make some money picking WMU early in the year.

Eventually, the markets adjusted. WMU improved (offensively, at least) as the season progressed, but both S&P+ and Vegas caught on. And after the big win over Toledo clinched an unbeaten regular season, the Broncos slipped a hair in the postseason. The Broncos still weren’t bad, but there was regression.