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Devontae Booker may be due for a strong sophomore campaign

Devontae Booker may be due for a strong sophomore campaign, but the Broncos got little production from their tailbacks in 2016. An ineffective platoon of Booker, C.J. Anderson, Justin Forsett, and Kapri Bibbs failed to present a credible threat last fall, making things more difficult for young quarterbacks Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. Lacy could help ¡ª though bringing a player with conditioning concerns to the thin air of Mile High Stadium may not be a great combination.
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The Lions haven¡¯t had a 1,000-yard rusher since Kevin Jones in 2004 and currently have just $5 million locked up in running back salaries for 2017. Detroit has favored a platoon attack in recent years, which could make sense for Lacy; he has run well with limited touches and could be a fourth-quarter beast against tiring defenses. However, if the talented back is holding out for a starring role, a trip to his former division rival may not make sense.
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Understand that I hate most offensive linemen in general, and I think they aren’t nearly as smart as folks try to give them credit for and most of them are dirty as hell and many of them stink. Yes, stink. So for me to be going this hard about a holding call and defending an offensive lineman should give you a clue of just how egregious this was.

But noooooooo, the referee had to call this horse shit holding penalty on rookie left guard Gabe Jackson who was only doing what the Raiders drafted him to do, knock the opposition on their ass with overwhelming force. It wasn’t Jackson’s fault that instead of lining up a real linebacker in the box across from him the Patriots decided to line up safety Patrick Chung. All he did was come off low and hard and block Chung to the inside as McFadden ran right off his ass into the end zone. It was Chung who decided to try to spin off the block which is never advisable when you don’t have any leverage. Even then Jackson didn’t tackle him; he just maintained his grip on the front of Chung’s shoulder pads.