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Jimmy Garoppolo to debut as 49ers starter in Week 12 vs. Seahawks

Jimmy Garoppolo is ready to take on his new role.

According to ESPN, the 49ers are eyeing their Week 12 matchup against the Seahawks for the newly acquired quarterback’s starting debut for San Francisco.

“The unique thing they have been able to do in the NFL, they play with no disguise and they can beat you to the spot,” this coach said. “They do what you are not supposed to be able to do, which is to say, ‘I am going to be right here and I am going to paddle your ass.’ The corners do some pressing and bailing, but Chancellor and Thomas say, ‘Just so you know, I will be right here.’ Then, when you get done playing them, they are who you thought they were. That is the biggest tribute that there is.”

Sherman is the ball-hawking left corner who talked the talk before and after walking the walk. Chancellor built his legend on intimidation with a series of plays involving players such as Kellen Clemens, Jimmy Graham, Victor Cruz, Andre Ellington and Vernon Davis. Thomas is the human missile whose uncommon range makes the Seahawks’ signature Cover 3 scheme work so well.

Though he has already been a terrific fantasy back, Hyde’s 8.0 OTD ranks third in the NFL and suggests there’s actually room for more scoring production in the second half of the season.

Minutes manager: It would be easy for Stevens to get caught up in the streak and lose sight of the bigger picture. Not only is he routinely challenging his team to tighten up areas of deficiency, but no player on the team is averaging more than Horford’s 32.6 minutes per game.

Kyrie in the Fourth: It’s not unusual to hear Irving get MVP chants while shooting fourth-quarter free throws at TD Garden. But now he’s hearing it arenas around the league, especially as Celtics fans invade opposing arenas, like in Brooklyn, Atlanta and Dallas. nationals_001