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Healthy Russell Wilson makes Seahawks dangerous

According to Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, the decision to cut Russell Wilson loose was made on the plane ride home last week following the team’s loss to the New Orleans Saints.

“It was time to go,” Carroll said.

Speaking of bad polling, no one’s quite sure what’s going on in these states. In Nevada, there’s a conflict between polls that continue to show a tossup and early voting data that seems to portend favorable things for Clinton. In New Hampshire, there’s a conflict among the polls themselves, with recent surveys showing everything from a 5-point lead for Trump to an 11-point lead for Clinton.

Both states are also a bit hard to place demographically in the context of a Trump-Clinton election. New Hampshire has a reputation for being working-class, but it actually has fairly high incomes. In Nevada, the Latino and Asian-American populations are growing, but there are also lots of white voters without college degrees. Still, Democrats outnumber Republicans there, and if I had to bet against the polls anywhere, it would be on them having lowballed Clinton’s numbers in Nevada.

These states are also linked for Jeremy Lane Jersey another reason: They’re either going to be super important or totally irrelevant, without a lot of room in between. If Trump loses Florida or North Carolina, Nevada and New Hampshire’s small electoral vote totals (six and four, respectively) won’t be enough to compensate. The same idea applies for Clinton if Trump wins Pennsylvania or Michigan. But if Trump holds the Group 1 states and Clinton holds Group 2 along with the rest of her firewall, Nevada or New

These are secondary targets for Trump. Colorado was the tipping-point state in both 2008 and 2012, and Clinton’s campaign can perhaps be accused of having taken it for granted. Still, its highly-educated demographics are not a good match for Trump. The same goes for Virginia, but the race has tightened there more than most other states — Clinton’s lead has fallen from 10 points to 5 points in two weeks — possibly as parts of the Republican base have come home to Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump did poorly in Wisconsin in the Republican primary, and Obama won it easily four years ago despite the presence of House Speaker Jermaine Kearse Jersey Paul Ryan, who represents Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, on the Republican ticket. Still, our model says not to be totally dismissive of these states, where Clinton’s lead is only a point or so larger than in the Group 2 states.