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Their Super Bowl was last week in front of their home crowd of San Diego for the very last time

Take the San Diego Chargers, for instance. Their Super Bowl was last week in front of their home crowd of San Diego for the very last time. Now that they close out the final two games of the season on the road, they’ve essentially accomplished what they’ve set out to do. Charles Woodson, on the other hand, will be playing in Oakland for the last time this season. Sorry, Chargers fans, but there’s a great chance no one has used the Oakland Raiders up to this point. Nothing personal.
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But the Chargers are only one example. Here are a few more to get you through this week.

The Broncos defense ranks first in passing yards allowed. They’ve also allowed the fewest rushing yards and yards per attempt. And whilst they’ve limited opposing offenses to essentially nothing, they’ve recorded the most sacks this season. The Cincinnati Bengals…well, they have A.J. McCarron. – JDLions vs. Saints 2015 final score: 3 things we learned from Detroit’s 35-27 road win

Rivera mentioned that several other teams have used the bat symbolism to motivate players, and he doesn’t see the use of a baseball bat to motivate his team as a problem, calling it a misunderstanding. Rivera has chosen to stop using the baseball bat because it simply isn’t worth it.

“To avoid the situation, set of circumstances, let’s just eliminate it,” Rivera said. “It’s the No Fun League for a reason,” Rivera said.

Their miracle comeback against the New York Giants last week was either a wakeup call or relief, and I’m not sure I’d like to stick around to discover which one.
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On Monday night, the Cincinnati Bengals are a 3.5-point underdog visiting the Denver Broncos. Cincinnati has lost each of its last eight games on the road against the Broncos.