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Rice would still like to play professional football

Game Carolina Hurricanes Jersey “I see myself as my own player. I try to take pieces from a lot of people,” he said. “Growing up, the first player and the first exposure I had to football was seeing Brian Dawkins flying all over the field. Before the game even started, he’s jumping around in the pregame warmup. His faith in God, his off-the-field was outstanding as well.”

Dawkins, Darrelle Revis, and Charles Woodson are the players he looks to.

Like Rice’s video, a video of Oklahoma prospect Joe Mixon has sparked discussion about how much has changed in terms of what the NFL will tolerate from players. In that video, Mixon punches a woman. Although it is technically not domestic violence since he wasn’t in a relationship with the woman in the video, Mixon’s assault will not prevent him from being drafted.

“I really hope the kid has exhausted all his resources to really, to really understand what this issue is,” Rice said. “I would not be opposed to telling him my story, but he’ll get a chance to see it.”

At age 30, Rice would still like to play professional football, although no NFL team has signed him since he became the face of a massive perception problem for the league. His biggest contribution now may be to try to prevent other players from making the same mistake.

Game Steve Nash Jersey “I think that my résumé on the field and off the field, the way things unraveled, they will hear a true message and hopefully it changes the way you think,” Rice said.