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You get the story that winners tell themselves.

Bortles could have kept his job as Jacksonville’s starter with a real competition, but his dreadful performance against Tampa Bay in a primetime preseason game gave Henne the opportunity to make his first start since 2014. But then Henne wasn’t much better when he started the Jaguars’ third preseason game.

So the Jaguars decided to give Bortles his job back rather than look elsewhere. (We don’t know why either.)

Frank White Womens Jersey The Jaguars boast one of the league’s most sneakily effective receiving corps, but that won’t do them any good if Bortles is lofting passes that land five yards from their intended target. There’s always next year, Jags fans.

You get the story that winners tell themselves.

Alec Ogletree Womens Jersey This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In the context of a football game, it’s actually a useful exercise to see how history gets written by the winners. Take, for example, the much-publicized fact that Belichick had, sensing a high-scoring game, ordered up more than the usual number of two-point conversion plays ahead of the Super Bowl. It proved genius, as the Patriots needed two (and then used a third one on the final play) to win the game.

This story conveniently excises all the other stuff the ever-neurotic Belichick probably dialed up the week before the Super Bowl. He might have become convinced there would be a need for nine onside kicks in the game and had some poor coaching assistant draw up 31 different onside-kick combinations, one of which involved the kicker pretending to have a heart attack on the field just moments before kicking the ball to a surprised defense. We don’t know, though.