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LeSean McCoy is wearing a Raiders vest

You might have some explaining to do, LeSean. MAYBE. You MIGHT have to explain some things. Not to me; I think this is awesome. If you’re wondering what those plumes of smoke are that are coming from the stands, that’s Eagles fans burning you in effigy. Hope that helps.

Elite Tristan Thompson Jersey Christian Ponder had strung together a couple of game efforts in a row, but the Seattle secondary has a way of separating the wheat from the chaff in a real hurry. It was a return to the chaff pile for Ponder, and the news that Adrian Peterson is battling a groin injury doesn’t exactly brighten the Vikings’ prospects down the stretch. For all their struggles, they’ve got a chance against a reeling and Rodgers-less Packers squad this week – aside from that, they’ve got a fighting chance to claim the 32nd spot from the Jags.

In practice that means the normal patience a running back would have when he runs in, say, a zone scheme where he waits for a hole to open then puts his foot in the ground and hits it is a detriment in a power scheme. You need to instead have a good aiming point for where the crease is supposed to be and try to get there and through in a hurry.

You would almost rather the stiff straight-ahead “three yards and a cloud of dust” running back in a power scheme because you know the blocking on most plays will get him past the line of scrimmage and his momentum and power will get him, yes, those three yards at least. Three yards is nothing to brag about but you expect that eventually the three yards will become 13 or 30 at some point after the defense wears down.

George Fant Limited Jersey Despite an inconsistent season, Hundley’s physical ability is obvious. He can make all of the throws with the zip and anticipation to be a franchise passer. He needs to become more consistent in his reads, decision-making and accuracy to put it all together, but Kansas City may be the perfect place for him. The Chiefs could let him sit until he’s ready while Alex Smith plays out the final season of his contract.