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Let’s start with a shooting that didn’t bring in satellite trucks

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“I started to fall behind in all my stuff,” he recalls. “So instead of putting me in a study hall … I would have to walk the yard. You would go out there while everybody else is polishing their boots and learning their stuff, and I’m out there marching for an hour as punishment because I’m not caught up.”

But the more profound speech, to Vinatieri, came from an officer around the same time. The man sat down the plebes in a courtyard area and reminded them that they were all at West Point for a reason, that the academy only accepts winners.

Many shootings come and go, like the one on this Monday morning, which occurred in the hours between Smith’s killer, Cardell Hayes, being sentenced to decades in Angola for manslaughter and the funeral for slain local football legend McKnight. Let’s start with a shooting that didn’t bring in satellite trucks.

Beastquake was born. Marshawn Lynch broke eight tackles and stiff-armed Tracy Porter to the ground before diving into the end zone for a 67-yard touchdown run. The crowd was so loud at CenturyLink Field, it registered seismic activity on one of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network’s monitoring stations. It’s the longest touchdown from scrimmage in Seahawks playoff history.

The Seahawks were leading 23-17 with the 49ers driving. With 30 seconds left, Colin Kaepernick tried to find Michael Crabtree in the corner of the end zone, but Richard Sherman deflected the pass and Malcolm Smith caught the interception, clinching the win and setting off Sherman’s postgame news conference with Erin Andrews and Ed Werder.
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The Seahawks trailed 19-14 when they attempted an onside kick that was in and out of the hands of the Packers’ Brandon Bostick. The Seahawks took the lead and converted a two-point conversion, but the Packers tied the scored and sent the game to overtime. That’s where Wilson hit Jermaine Kearse for a 35-yard touchdown on the first possession, giving the Seahawks the 28-22 win.

That decibel level is nearly the equivalent of that on an aircraft carrier deck (140 decibels) and is louder than thunder (120 decibels), live rock music (114 decibels) and motorcycles (100 decibels).