Aaron Rodgers breaks collarbone, could miss rest of the season

Aaron Rodgers left the Packers’ game against the Vikings on Sunday after taking a big hit from Anthony Barr. The Packers later announced that he broke his collarbone, and could miss the rest of the season.

The Panthers have had their own share of injuries to overcome, beginning earlier in the year, but are starting to find a rhythm with a new supporting cast. As Cam Newton gets further removed from his shoulder injury, he’s starting to look more like his 2015 self. He’s still without TE Greg Olsen, but has seemed to find a productive Plan B with Ed Dickson — who saw the majority of targets in Week 5 and had himself a career day.

Thompson’s family members, who live in Florida, haven’t been able to watch him play much in person. Thompson leads the Redskins in receiving yards (340) and rushing yards (175). But despite warning his family to go see him play the following week at home against the Cowboys instead, Thompson can’t wait for Monday night.

His big-time effort even earned him a nickname from veteran coach Andy Reid: “butt kicker dot com.”

Luckily for the Chiefs, they are still the top team in each power rankings. Unfortunately for the Packers, however, they took a huge fall. Yahoo Sports’ power rankings has Green Bay at No. 16. On the other hand, the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, and Los Angeles Rams are in the top 10.

The Eagles, Panthers, and Rams are in the top 10 on ESPN’s power rankings, and the Steelers moved to the top five after beating Kansas City. Philadelphia is also the No. 2 team on NFL.com’s power rankings list, but the Rams are behind the Eagles at No. 3. However, the Atlanta Falcons slipped to No. 12.

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