How the Jaguars surprised the Texans for the week’s most unlikely win

Watson had a decorated career at Clemson, bringing the Tigers their first national championship since 1981. However, he wasn’t as hyped up as Michtell Trubisky, who started just one full season at North Carolina. Jason Kirk wrote about how many college fans find it confusing that Watson wouldn’t be the first quarterback drafted (he wasn’t) because he was that damn good in college. Regardless, he makes a good case for Watson having the ability to be capable of being a good NFL quarterback.
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So now we get to see Watson get his first career start against a Bengals team that got shut out against the Ravens in Week 1, 20-0. There’s no telling what Watson’s going to do, especially with a lingering ankle injury, but it’ll be nice to see the man who could possibly become the franchise quarterback the team has been feenin’ for.

It’s a helluva thing to make an opposing player get the sack and cause a fumble for you, but that’s exactly what Jones did to Brooks on that play.
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Jones’ third sack was probably the most impressive of them all, to me.

He was back over at the right three-technique across from Seumalo again, and Jones had been bullrushing quite a bit to that point. The Eagles had another first-and-10 at their own 25-yard line with just over two minutes left in the game and the Chiefs up 27-13.

Jones comes off like he is about to shoot his hands in Seumalo’s chest and bullrush him yet again. That made Seumalo stop his feet in anticipation for having to brace for Jones’ power. But, plot twist, this time Jones instead did another jab ole move and was able to easily slide inside Seumalo with an arm over.

Wentz actually got away from Jones momentarily that time, but Jones kept working and ended up getting him on the ground yet again.

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