The Chiefs may or may not have a quarterback controversy on their hands this year.

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In the other game of the evening, the Seahawks host the Chiefs in a battle of former division rivals. Seattle is coming off strong wins over the Los Angeles Chargers and Minnesota Vikings, with Russell Wilson looking as healthy and sharp as ever. Unfortunately, the Seahawks also have a big hole at left tackle after George Fant tore his ACL in last week’s game. It’s another setback for an offensive line that’s been a consistent weakness in recent years.

The Chiefs may or may not have a quarterback controversy on their hands this year. First-round rookie Patrick Mahomes has been outstanding in preseason action, showing off his big arm and playmaking skills. On the other hand, Alex Smith has also been good, or at least good enough to not lose his job right away. Head coach Andy Reid is firmly backing Smith at the moment, so we’ll see how this situation plays out over the season.

He didn’t know, though, if the 34-year-old Fitzgerald had ever paid an opponent’s fine because of it.

Quin doesn’t like when Fitzgerald offers to help him up, either. While it may be something about Fitzgerald trying to be nice, it could be a mental game, too.

I don’t know, that’s kind of just like a shot at me or something, Quin said. Like you tackle me, but I’m going to help you up. Like, nah, don’t help me up, you know what I’m saying. That’s kind of how I see it.

Game Kids Shea Weber Jersey I’ve played against Fitzgerald a few times and he’s cool. Every time we play, we talk.

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