While Redick and Johnson might not have a long-term future with the 76ers

It’s why they turned their attention to a couple of productive veterans in J.J. Redick (one year, $23 million) and Amir Johnson (one year, $11 million), whom they signed to a combined $34 million for only one season, instead of spending almost all of their money on a big-time free agent such as Kyle Lowry, George Hill or Paul Millsap.

While Redick and Johnson might not have a long-term future with the 76ers, Redick in particular could make a lasting impact on their up-and-coming core. Redick is coming off a season in which he knocked down 201 3-pointers at a 42.9 percent clip with the Clippers, which will be a welcomed addition to a team that made only 34.0 percent of its 3-pointers last season. He recently turned 33-years-old — making him both the highest-paid and oldest player on their roster next season — but the 76ers couldn’t have picked up a better shooting guard in free agency this summer to fill out its starting lineup.

Under normal circumstances, Westbrook and Harden would have been ineligible to receive those contracts since they had renegotiated so recently. However, the former teammates were specifically exempted from the normal time restrictions since the Designated Veteran rules did not exist last summer.

Limited Kids Troy Polamalu Jersey Harden and the Rockets already took advantage of this wrinkle by agreeing to a Designated Veteran extension that added four seasons and an estimated $169.3 million to his remaining two years and $58.7 million.
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While Westbrook can negotiate a Designated Veteran extension, too, the terms of his deal would be different. The CBA specifies that these extensions must run six seasons, including the remaining term of the eligible player’s existing contract. Harden had two years left on his existing contract, so the extension kicks in after that and uses the actual salary cap number for the 2019-20 season, currently estimated at $108 million.

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