NBA playoffs 2017: LeBron James passes Michael Jordan for most postseason points

LeBron James has passed Michael Jordan for most all-time postseason points scored.

Authentic Mens Ryan Callahan Jersey King James only needed 28 points entering Game 5 to surpass His Royal Airness’ 5,987 points — he hit 5,989 that mark in the third quarter with this beauty:

James now has 29 points on the night — and counting. It took James 212 games to surpass Jordan, who managed to do hit his mark in 179 games. James has hit the majority of his points with Cleveland, for whom he has played in 125 games.

James finished the game with 35 points, giving him 5,995 total for his postseason his career.

Authentic Mens Jake Elliott Jersey In a lot of ways, this is a certainty versus potential-for-more deal. Ainge is betting on the Lakers (and possibly the Kings) staying bad. Now he has to hope it doesn’t backfire and leave him wishing he had the bird in his hand that was Fultz.

That protection might not even matter for the Celtics, though. Rumors abounded on Saturday night that the Celtics will move this pick along to another team in another trade. Could it be for a star? Could it be for another pick in the 2017 NBA Draft? After all, the team had Dennis Smith Jr. and Lauri Markkanen in for workouts on Saturday, a pair of players more commensurate with picks in the 7 to 10 range of this year’s draft.

Ultimately, the still-moving parts of this trade for the Celtics essentially make it impossible to evaluate at this specific time. Does a move like this make them more likely to acquire Jimmy Butler or George? Does it make them a player for a star people aren’t thinking about right now? Do they just end up keeping the picks and adding it to their cavalcade of first-rounders, which now total a potential of seven in the next three drafts?

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