Khalil Mack draws holding foul then catches his own penalty flag

Khalil Mack was the best player on the field when the Oakland Raiders upset the Denver Broncos on Sunday. He hit quarterback Brock Osweiler seven times with five sacks, tying a franchise record. If he wasn’t making a play in the backfield, it was probably because the Broncos had to do everything they possibly could to stop him including holding him.

Against the Broncos, he drew a very obvious hold, and he was ready for the ref’s call.

Don’t worry, Khalil, the referees are on top of their game. Here, have taco while you get ready for the next play.

Here is an alignment that’s fairly new to the NFL and starting to spread through the league. I first recall seeing the Saints and Packers using this formation. It’s an empty set with two wing players protecting the edge. These edge protectors can help the tackles, but if there is pressure, they are there to protect the edge if the tackle has to help inside.

There are examples of players in close splits, both tight ends and wide receivers, who immediately release up the field without trying to make eye contact or disrupt the defensive end with body presence. Here’s a clip of that.

Moving on, here’s how a running back can help an offensive tackle. A chip from a running back can be useful when it’s properly placed. However, there are times when just the threat of a chip is good enough. We all know what a chip looks like. Here’s a clip of the threat of a chip block. The back tried, he missed, but I’d consider this an effort at helping a tackle.
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These first two are clips related to offensive philosophy. It’s what the Titans do often and it’s built into their offensive DNA.

This one is pretty obvious. It’s a chip block for the right tackle by the tight end.

Here’s one that not so obvious but it’s a clear way to distract the defensive end and help the tackle.

Authentic Kids Klay Thompson Jersey They are lined up in a bunch. With the motion, it puts into the defensive end’s mind that a toss is possible. Good design by the Titans, followed by the double releases near the defensive end. While this might not be thought of as help, it’s extremely helpful.

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