Cold, hard reality awaits Browns after emotional release of first win

There is emotion, and there is stark reality.

The Cleveland Browns get their share of both this week. ?The emotion that ran unchecked on Saturday was a result of this team getting its first victory. The Browns avoided what would have been the longest week of their NFL lives with a three-point win over San Diego.
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It provided cathartic relief. It freed the Browns from questions and pressure about being the second team in NFL history to finish 0-16. And it freed them from having to live with being part of the worst record in NFL history for the rest of their lives.

Winning one game was like pulling out a key piece in Jenga: All the blocks of negativity came tumbling down.

George Hill Elite Jersey For anybody who has been following the Colts for just a short period of time, they probably wouldn’t believe that this is the same organization that played in the AFC Championship Game two years ago. They went from 33-15 and three playoff appearances in quarterback Andrew Luck’s first three seasons to 15-16 and no playoff appearances the past two seasons.

“The record is what it is, I can’t change history,” Pagano said. “All we can do is keep moving forward and try to rectify what’s taken place. It’s not this organization. It’s unacceptable. Every man and coach up and down these hallways will tell you that. The standard is the standard. We know what the expectations are and that is to win. That’s what everybody came here to do.”

The Colts were officially eliminated from the playoffs with their loss at Oakland on Christmas Eve. But the road to missing the postseason started in Week 1 and carried on throughout the season.

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