Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin will play against the Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin will take the field against the Patriots in this week’s Divisional matchup in New England after resting his ankle for a week, according to a report by Chiefs reporter BJ Kissel.

An earlier report from Jeff Darlington of NFL Network indicated Maclin could be ruled out after warmups if his ankle continued to plague him.

Fouts does not call his own plays; they are called by Offensive Coordinator Joe Gibbs, who works from a booth in the press box. Gibbs phones the plays down to the sidelines, to Head Coach Don Coryell and his first lieutenant, Jim Hanifan. They confer, and Hanifan signals the play in to Fouts. Hand signals, baseball signals — you know, touch flesh, touch cloth, flash one, flash two, fold arms and go. …

The only problem Saturday was that Eddie Biles broke the Chargers’ code. Eddie Biles is the tricky little chap who coaches the Oiler defense. He watches for small tips, for giveaways. A few years ago, for instance, he discovered that when Cincinnati Tight End Bob Trumpy took one kind of stance, he was going to block down on the defensive end, and when he took a different one, he was going to release inside for a pass. It never failed.

Authentic Atlanta Falcons Jersey Now Biles had figured out the Charger signals. So, as Hanifan flashed the plays to Fouts, Wade Phillips, the Oilers’ defensive line coach and son of Head Coach Bum Phillips, would train his binoculars on Hanifan from the press box and relay the Chargers’ plays to Biles on the sidelines. Biles then would flash them to Middle Linebacker Gregg Bingham, who called the defenses on the field.
Pretty clever, unless you were rooting for the Chargers. Ironically, Wade Phillips is still coaching, as the Broncos defensive coordinator, but this time he is on the team not missing its best offensive weapons.

Authentic Mens Max Pacioretty USA Jersey This history lesson shows that nothing is a lock in sports. The Broncos offense has been erratic all season and is led by a 39-year-old Peyton Manning who hasn’t started in nine weeks. We’ll see Sunday if the Steelers join the Oilers as a playoff team that beat huge odds.

Jim Buzinski is co-founder of and old enough to have watch the Oilers-Chargers game.

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